Artist's StatementArtist’s Statement can be tricky because often the Artist is tempted to ‘explain’ the Art he or she is making rather than guide an independent and personal journey through the works.

Foremost , my work has the intention of visual communication which can occur on many levels and does not assume an art ‘knowledge’. I have always firmly believed that Art making is a natural human function without social boundaries. In some ways to throw a conceptual blanket statement over my artwork would be misleading as there are many directions, influences and sources of investigation that keep me constantly ‘looking’ at my world.
If one can detect a ‘style’ or element flowing through the works, that create unity, it would be my pastel stick medium, personally developed techniques and my enjoyment of colour.

Being an older Artist with many decades of Art teaching experience involving Senior High School students in both State and Private systems in and out of Australia, I have a natural instinct to communicate deep meaning through content, medium, technique, style, colour choice or metaphor and often this can override my real emotions and the simple love of making art that can be legitimately beautiful.

My works can evoke memories of places and what you and I have done in these places, or they can simply make an audience feel happy. I also have enjoyed sharing my pictures that are inspired by the Asian, Queensland and Australian landscapes. I have a sense of the wicked whimsical in some of my Art and these works can be enjoyable to interpret.

As with all Artists, I really appreciate my ‘backyard’ and can find true visual excitement within a bike ride of Bulimba in any direction. Through art education I have an extensive awareness/respect for historical and contemporary Artists, though if asked about specific influences I would say Jeff Smart, Edward Hopper, Van Gogh, Margaret Olley, Kandinsky, Whiteley, Warhol, Banksy and Matisse are just a handful of ‘Art Greats’ that I look up to as being inspirational with colour. I have never been able to be drawn into creating an Art theme or series in which a subject is repeated many times. My studio has various visual explorations ‘on the wall’ and at times I do build on previous creative experiments or experiences. The wonderfully evocative ‘Spirit of the Outback’ is a real Qld rail icon, I’ve mixed quite a few images and some imagination to come up with this composition. 

I have a humble goal of reaching the walls in people’s homes, enriching their living space with colour and conversation as my Art becomes your friend to share your life.

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